Guidance Through The Family Law Process

Divorce can be difficult on families, both emotionally and financially. Considerations unique to every family law case must be taken care of, from property division to child custody and support issues. An experienced lawyer can provide you with a rational outlook as you wade through the difficult waters of divorce.

At Scanlon & Wojton, our lawyers leverage 45 years of combined experience to represent clients undergoing a wide variety of family law issues. As seasoned trial lawyers, we also handle trial work relating to relocation matters and protection from abuse (PFA) cases. No matter the issue, we provide trustworthy, compassionate legal counsel.

Helping Individuals In Pittsburgh As They Navigate Family Law Issues

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of matrimonial law cases, including:

  • Divorce — We assist clients in all divorce proceedings, from no-fault and mutual consent to collaborative divorce and contentious proceedings. We also help with high net worth divorce matters, including business valuation and complex property division.
  • Child custody — Our lawyers draft agreements and fight on behalf of parents who are seeking to modify or amend agreements.
  • Child support — We work to find the most beneficial support agreement possible.
  • Relocation matters — We handle moves to other cities, states and countries and address the potential impact such relocation has on existing agreements.
  • Protection from abuse (PFA) issues — Our firm works to give individuals, including children, protective relief from abuse.
  • Modification and enforcement — We work with clients to address changing circumstances after a divorce.

Having worked on many family law matters, we recognize the importance of compassionate, yet logical counsel. Nevertheless, we're trial lawyers. We are fully prepared to take your issues to family court and fight relentlessly on your behalf if necessary.

Working Toward Your Goals

If you are undergoing a family law issue, contact our office to discuss your options. Please call our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office at 412-709-5624 or use the contact form.