Protecting Your Rights And Assets As We Work Toward A Resolution

Divorces tend to be complicated. They raise many important, life-altering decisions, from child custody and support to parsing through the financial considerations. Even in straightforward and amicable divorces, it's still important to agree on a framework that will protect your interests and your children's interests down the road.

The attorneys of Scanlon & Wojton fully understand these issues. We assist individuals across Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania as they weigh all the consequences of divorce. As a full-service firm, we are fully prepared to handle all aspects of divorce, from assisting with property and asset division to helping you find optimal child support and custody arrangements.

Personal Attention In A Difficult Situation

Whether the marriage dissolution is amicable or not, having access to lawyers who are consistently accessible and can inform you candidly of the realities of your situation can significantly ease the process.

While we at Scanlon & Wojton pride ourselves on being trial attorneys, we understand that the divorce process requires a softer touch. In the midst of these often emotional proceedings, we strive to provide grounded, logical counsel, aimed at attaining long-term outcomes. We will do our utmost to protect you, protect your children and protect your assets. Nevertheless, in seriously contentious proceedings, we will pursue our clients' goals tirelessly.

The Assistance You Need

If you are considering or undergoing a divorce, contact our office to see what your options may be. Please call our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office at 412-709-5624 or use the contact form.