Fighting For Safety And Protection In Theme Parks

Amusement and water parks are meant to be part of a fun, exhilarating outing with the family. Each year across the U.S., however, thousands of injuries occur that can turn a fun day at Disneyland, Six Flags or even Kennywood into a lasting nightmare. Injuries suffered at amusement parks can leave you with significant medical bills and lost wages. When they happen to the most vulnerable, such as small children, they can have lasting, lifelong impacts.

The attorneys at Scanlon & Wojton work to provide families with the resources to pursue fair and just compensation after a serious amusement ride accident or water park injury. We work rigorously to help our clients win the restitution they deserve.

High-Level, Comprehensive Representation

Injuries suffered in theme park accidents are frequent and significant. To pursue compensation, clients require the experience of attorneys who are familiar with many different aspects of the law, from personal injury to premises liability and product defects. Our lawyers provide individuals and families with a diverse skill set and thorough knowledge of the necessary legal procedures.

When fighting large companies like Disney, it's imperative to have attorneys on your side who are not afraid or intimidated by the army of corporate lawyers on the other side. With over 45 years of combined experience, we have been in and out of courtrooms long enough to know what it takes to stand up to corporate bullying. We also recognize when companies are trying to offer clients less compensation than they might be entitled to. We'll push back and work so that you are compensated fairly and justly for your serious injury.

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While amusement parks must follow strict guidelines, we know from experience that it's not always the case. As a result, when an accident causes a serious injury or even wrongful death, we believe they should be held responsible.

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