If You've Been Injured By A Consumer Product, We Can Help

Defective products can severely harm users. Whether it's a medical device that isn't functioning properly, an air bag that fails to deploy or workplace machinery that malfunctions, the consequences could be serious. Individuals who have suffered a defective product injury may be entitled to compensation from the product's manufacturer. However, it's often up to an experienced and assertive attorney to stand up to the corporations and establish a successful claim.

We are the attorneys of Scanlon & Wojton, and our goal has always been to protect Pennsylvania residents in cases involving serious injuries. We offer personalized, knowledgeable assistance in disputes that arise from poorly made products.

Thorough Representation In Product Liability Suits

The laws governing product liability can seem fairly straightforward. In practice, however, holding manufacturers accountable is anything but. Doing so requires the resources of a dedicated group of lawyers who not only are able to recognize potentially successful strategies, but also have the litigation background to pursue cases to their conclusion. Insurance companies and defense firms are unlikely to budge right away. To get the fullest compensation possible, we are relentless in our representation.

We research each case in painstaking detail, consulting with outside sources and those knowledgeable in each field. Then we meticulously craft a legal case, while keeping you, the client, informed at each step along the way. We're aggressive both in court and in negotiation with opposing counsel. We're on your side and ready to help.

Contingency Fee Representation

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